Announcing ‘The Great War and Global History’ conference, Oxford 9-10 January 2014

‘The Great War and Global History’ conference

9-10 January 2014

Maison Française, Oxford

A two-day conference hosted by the Oxford Centre for Global History, Changing Character of War programme and Maison Française d’Oxford.  Convenors: Hew Strachan, James Belich, John Darwin



Patrick O’Brien (LSE)

‘Warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and the Consolidation of British Industrial Supremacy’

Georges-Henri Soutou (Paris)

‘They Marched Singing into Bankruptcy: Finance in the First World War’



Dominic Lieven (Cambridge)

‘Imperialism, War and Revolution: a Russian Angle’

Hans van de Ven (Cambridge)

Title TBC



Hervé Drévillon (Paris)

‘Identities and Otherness as Agents of Globalization in Early Modern Wars‘

Tamara Scheer ((Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for Social Science History, Vienna)

‘Habsburg Empire’s National Identities during World War One’



Jos Gommans (Leiden)

‘Fair Play in Early Modern Warfare’

Douglas Porch (California)

‘From Carnot to Reynaud: The Ascent and Disintegration of the French Nation in Arms, 1793-1940’



Margaret MacMillan (Oxford)

Title TBC

Sudhir Hazareesingh (Oxford)

Title TBC



Tonio Andrade (Atlanta)

‘The Global Military Balance: A Long View, 900-1918’

Naoko Shimazu (Birkbeck)

Title TBC



Martin Ceadel (Oxford)

Title TBC

Karen Hagemann (UNC)

‘Women, War and the Nation: Gendering the History of the Wars Against Napoleon’

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