“Latin America in a Global Context” (Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 18-21, 2016)

For those followers of the Toynbee Prize Foundation interested in Latin American history – and those fancying a trip to Brazil this autumn – here’s a recent call for papers that looks of interest. On October 18-21, 2016, the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be hosting a workshop titled “Latin America in a Global Context.” The call for papers explains more about the workshop’s ambit:

In the last decade, an important shift has taken place within Latin American Studies, advocating a global approach to writing history. As rewarding and innovative as these new approaches are, they provide specific challenges regarding both methodology as well as implementation. So far, global history has been dominated by Asian and African studies and Latin America has only played a marginal role, both as an object and subject of study. Despite its huge potential for Latin America as a research field, it remains unclear how historians of Latin America might contribute to it.

This workshop, hence, explores new ideas and debates on how to write Latin American history within a global framework and how to trace the links and diffusions of ideas. The workshop is aimed at early career researchers on the verge of embarking on long-term projects who stand to particularly benefit from such approaches. The event will take place at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in parallel with the 2nd “Coloquio Internacional – Latinoamérica y la Historia Global” of the Red Latinoamericana de Historia Global. Both events jointly aim to bring together a range of researchers from distinct countries and academic cultures with the explicit long-term goal of facilitating regional integration, co-operations and collaborations, particularly between senior researches from Latin America and early career researchers. The overall goal is to facilitate a productive and enriching forum for discussion.

We therefore invite papers that contribute to contemporary and historiographical debates grounded in empirical work. Possible topics and questions may include:

Discussion on new methodologies and new sources

How can we incorporate current debates into our research? What do we stand to profit and which obstacles do we face?

International, Global, and Transnational approaches

How do International, Global, and Transnational approaches shift historical perspectives and our spatial imagination? How does research on Latin America contribute to the above mentioned approaches?

Scale & space

How do International, Global and Transnational perspectives challenge or reinforce spatial categories? What are the consequences for the writing of National, Regional or Local History?

Interested in applying? Submissions for the workshop should include a 300-word abstract and a two-page CV. These should be submitted no later than May 9, 2016 to Alexandre Moreli (alexandre.moreli@fgv.br) and Stella Krepp (stella.krepp@hist.unibe.ch).

A limited amount of travel funding will be available. While hosted in Brazil, the conference is also sponsored by the University of Bern in Switzerland.



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