Global History Student Conference (Freie Universität Berlin, April 25-26)

A quick note to readers based in central Europe: this weekend (April 25-26), the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut of the Freie Universität Berlin will host a Global History Student Conference, featuring ten panels with the work of graduate students hailing from around the world. The conference will also feature two workshops (“Collaborative Working” and “Global History and International Development: Listening to the Subaltern Voice”), giving both participants and guests the chance to discuss methodological problems they may run across in their work.

Further, the conference will feature a keynote address by Michael Goebel, Assistant Professor of History at the Freie Universität and author of two books, Argentina’s Partisan Past: Nationalism and the Politics of History (2011) and Anti-Imperial Metropolis: Interwar Paris and the Seeds of Third World Nationalism (2015).

Better yet, the conference is open to the public, and guests are welcome to attend. The Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut is located at Koserstraße 20, 14195 Berlin (best accessed by the U3 line via the station “Podbielskialee”). A preliminary conference program is available here. Registration begins on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, with Professor Goebel’s address, “Global Urban History. The World in Parisian Archives,” kicking things off that same morning at 9:30 AM in Room A127.

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