Political Economy of the World System Conference (PEWS) in Berlin, Germany

Followers of global history in the German capital, or simply those interested in one of the most venerable traditions of global history, will be interested to know that the 39th Annual Conference on the Political Economy of the World System will be taking place this March 19–21, 2015, at the Institute for Latin American Studies of  the Free University of Berlin.

The event features a rich mix of panels from scholars working in the tradition of world systems theory, and keynote talks by Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale), Madina Tlostanova (RANEPA), and Hans-Heinrich Nolte (Hannover. The conference organizers note that non-participants are welcome to attend the sessions, but request registration in advance (more information here).


Incidentally, one of the panel chairs at the conference will be Andrea Komlosy (University of Vienna), whose recent book  Arbeit: eine globalhistorische Perspektive (Work: A Global History Perspectivestands at the center of an upcoming interview with the Toynbee Prize Foundation.

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