What We’re Reading This Week

Reza Shah visiting the students and teachers of Hamadan schools, 1936.(Photo: Alliance Israélite)


Richard Drayton and David Motadel, “The Futures of Global History,” Cambridge Core Blog.

Scott Jaschik, “Does Tenure Process Keep Professors Focused on US?,” Inside Higher Education.

Patrick Iber, “In the Cuban Sphere,” The Nation.

Miriam Levy-Haim, “Jewish Participation in Iranian Political Life,” Tablet.


Adam Hochschild, “Stranger in Strange Land: Joseph Conrad and the Dawn of Globalization,” Foreign Affairs.

Petra Schellen in Conversation with Jürgen Zimmerer, “Kolonialismus-Forscher über Genozide: ‘Es gibt nicht einmal Gräber,’ [“The Study of Colonialism and Genocide: ‘Not a Single Grave’],” TAZ.

Daniel Trilling, “What National Museums Tell Us About National Identities,” Apollo Magazine.

Istvan Tarrosy, “Thailand’s Engagement with Africa,” The Diplomat.


“Precarious Working Conditions in the University,” History Workshop Podcast.

Tina Cartwright, “Whodunnit to Whom? A Case for Language Preservation,” Overland.

David Brophy, “Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia, by Clive Hamilton,” Australian Book Review.

“Beyond Human Rights (Prof. Samuel Moyn),” Interventions Podcast.

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