What We’re Reading This Week

Source: http://www.liberation.fr/debats/2017/11/22/tristes-tropiques_1611850


Simon Han, “The Impossible Task of Remembering the Nanking Massacre”, The Atlantic.

Daniel T. Willingham, “How to Get Your Mind to Read”, New York Times.

Serge Gruzinski, “Tristes Tropiques,” [“Sad Tropics”] Libération.

Faisal Devji, “C.A. Bayly (Obituary),” Past & Present.


James Davison Hunter, “Liberal Democracy and the Unraveling of the Enlightenment Project,” The Hedgehog Review.

Aziz Rana, “Goodbye, Cold War,” N+1.

Madhuri Karak, “Podcast: Sujatha Gidla, Ants among Elephants: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India,” New Books Network.

Manan Ahmed Asif, “How to Counter Colonial Myths about Muslim Arrival in Sindh,” Herald.


Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti, “A Small Italian Town Can Teach the World How to Defuse Controversial Monuments,” The Guardian.

Petros Konstantinidis, “The Greek Militiamen Involved in the Srebrenia Massacre,” Athens Live.

Ronan Burtenshaw, “Fascism’s Face-Lift,” Jacobin.

Kriston Capps, “‘Game of Thrones’ Tourists Are Besieging Dubrovnik,” CityLab.


Sylvie Laurent, “Detroit,” Le Monde diplomatique.

Mark Mazower, “The Internationalists by Oona Hathaway and Scott Shapiro Review – The Plan to Outlaw War,” The Guardian.

Rana Mitter, “Barbarians Out!,” The New York Review of Books.

Samuel Moyn, “Beyond Liberal Internationalism,” Dissent.

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