What We’re Reading This Week

Arnold J. Toynbee/Dutch National Archives


Victoria Pashentseva, “Tough Lessons in Transnistria,” openDemocracy.

Rebeka Foley, “Azerbaijan’s Pre-Soviet Independence Embroiled in Post-Soviet Polemics,” Eurasianet.

Francis P. Sempa, “Surviving the Future: Looking Back at the Toynbee-Wakaizumi Dialogue of 1970,” The Diplomat.

Martin Doerry, “Meine Geschichte ist eigentlich undenkbar,” [“My Story is Inconceivable”] Der Spiegel.


James McDougall, “The History of Empire Isn’t About Pride – or Guilt,” The Guardian.

Ewout van den Berg, “The Dutch Disease (and its Prescription),” Africa is a Country.

Jiayang Fan, “A New Silk Road,” The New Yorker.

Ebenezer Obadare, “On Democratic Despond,” Africa @ LSE.


Ryan Manuel, “China and North Korea: Following the Paper Trail,” The Interpreter.

Sarah A. Bendall, “Rebato Collar, C. 1600-1625. Part One: Pattern and Materials,” Blog Sarah A. Bendall.

Yang Sheng and Wang Cong, “Trump Tweet Draws China, Pakistan Closer,” Global Times.

“Occupation of Bastion Point Begins, 5 January 1977,” New Zealand History.


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