Two New Global History Jobs

In the middle of job market season, two recent postings may interest readers. At Exeter College (a constituent College at the University of Oxford), the Bennett Boskey Fellowship in Extra-European History Since 1500 offers a 36-month post-doctoral fellowship among the dreaming spires. “The position,” notes the announcement,

will be for a period of 36 months (subject to satisfactory progress). It is a fixed-term, non-renewable post, which is intended to provide an opportunity for an outstanding academic at an early stage in their career.
The main duties of the post are to undertake tutorial or class teaching of undergraduates of Exeter College and the Williams College Visiting Students programme, up to a maximum of six (‘weighted’) hours per week averaged over the three eight-week Terms of the academic year; to engage in advanced study and research; to set and mark College examinations; to submit termly reports on students taught; to provide pastoral care for students; to participate in the undergraduate admissions process; to undertake such duties as may reasonably be required to support the teaching of History at the College; and to participate in the governance of the College.

More details (including the further particulars) are available at the link above.

Meanwhile, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva advertises an Assistant Professorship in International History. The optimal candidate, the advertisement notes, will have a specialization in one or more of the following areas:

• History of International Governance and Systems – critical (non-institutional) history of international organisations, history of international relations, history of international systems and governance beyond the transatlantic world
• History of Transnational Actors and Actions – history of transnational movements, history of protests and revolutions, whether in the context of religious or secular politics
• History of Cultures, Societies and Markets in a Regional or Global Perspective – history of culture in the context of international history, with an emphasis on religion and identity, and history of political regimes and ideologies; international development policies and their relation to societies and markets in a regional and/or global perspective. In particular, questions pertaining to the evolution of development policy ideas and tools, but also broad transversal themes with strong interdisciplinary appeal: property rights, environment, health and food.

Further details can be found at the Graduate Institute’s website.

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