Volunteers Wanted: Editor-at-Large Position for the Toynbee Prize Foundation

The Toynbee Prize Foundation (TPF) invites applications for Editors-at-Large for its Global History Blog. Through its website, TPF promotes both long-form interviews and articles on the field of global history produced by TPF’s Executive Director, as well as shorter-form material of interest to audiences interested in developments in the field: such as job postings, cross-postings of material from other blogs, and recently-published articles in the field. Working with staff from the Toynbee Foundation and George Mason’s Center for History and New Media, Editors-at-Large will nominate pre-curated content for posting on the Toynbee Foundation’s website via the Foundation’s WordPress PressForward plug-in.

Editors-at-Large sign up for weekly rotations to review the pieces produced or shared by the global history community. The weekly rotations run from Saturday through Friday. While the weekend material can be saved for Monday, we ask that you plan for an hour a day during the work week (Monday-Friday) to read and nominate content for publication. Content nominated on Fridays will be considered for publication the following week. At the end of your week’s rotation, we will invite you to give us feedback, both on the pieces that you found for the week and on the nominating process itself.

This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students wishing to gain more exposure to one of the most vibrant fields in the discipline today, or for professionals in the field who want to stay up-to-date with current work in the field of global history. Undergraduates with a strong interest in history are also welcome to volunteer, and instructors of global history courses are welcome to contact the Toynbee Prize Foundation to receive group logins for students who wish to participate.

Please visit the Editors-at-Large Corner of the Toynbee Prize Foundation’s website (also accessible under the “Participate” drop-down menu on the top right of your page) to volunteer.

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