Choosing Content: What Should I Look For?

After you have read through the instructions for using the Pressforward Plugin on the PressForward wiki to review and nominate content, use the criteria here to help guide your selection of nominations. Content nominated using the plugin will be considered for publication on the Global History Blog.

Editors’ Choice:

These are opinion or thought pieces on the web that relate to study of global history. Pieces nominated for Editors’ Choice should be sustained discussions, pieces of analysis, or provocative accounts that will spur further reflection and scholarship.

News Items:

  • Announcements

    In Announcements, we are looking for news relating to developments in the field, such as the publication of new books, the creation of new centers or programs, and the movement of scholars.

  • Calls for Papers and Conference Announcements

    In additional to Call for Papers, this category also includes announcements about conferences, workshops, symposia, lectures, or other events open to the public.

  • Jobs

    In Jobs, we are looking for work opportunities that touch on some area of global history.

  • Funding and Opportunities

    Funding and Opportunities is a “catch-all” category for items that are outside the scope of jobs or CFPs but that offer either learning opportunities or monetary support.

If you have additional questions or run into difficulty accessing or using the reader, please let us know at