Instructions for Editors-in-Chief: Publishing Content

Once an item has been nominated, you will need to send it to draft and prepare it for review and publication. Instructions for nominating items can be found here.

Note: If you have adequate permissions, you can also send items directly to draft from the All Content page using the Amplify button. Clicking “Send to Draft” will create a WordPress post containing the item content and its metadata. If you choose to use this method, skip down to the “WordPress Posts” section of this page.

You will primarily be tasked with choosing News items such as job announcements, calls for participation/conference announcements, funding opportunities, book reviews,  and fellowships/grants.

From within the PressForward plugin, go to Nominated and find the item or items that you wish to submit for review or publish:

Nominated Menu


On the Nominated page, click on the double arrow to the right of the item text to send that item to draft. The content and title of the item will then  be sent to a WordPress post draft page.

Nominated Item

Nominated toolbar

WordPress Posts

Once you have sent an item to draft from the Nominated page (or from the Bookmarklet), you can find that item on your WordPress posts page:

WP Posts Menu

Go to “All Posts” and find the item you drafted. Click on it, and you should see the item’s content and title already filled in. You will need to edit this content before submitting for review or publishing the item.

You can switch between visual and text view, and use WordPress’s rich text editor to add block quotes, add links, or bold important dates. The text view will also allow you to remove any extra <div> or <em> tags that might have been carried over from the original item.


Editing Post Content

Your post title should include any related time-sensitive deadlines so that posts can be either stored or published in a timely matter by the site manager.

The post’s title should include the type of announcement, as well as any relevant title and location information. For example: “March 11 2016 (make sure to start your title with any relevant dates) – Symposium: Labor, Migration, and the State: Past, Present, Future (Berlin, Germany)”

In accordance with’s publishing practice, the format of your post’s content should include:

1. A brief introduction to the news item

2. A block-quoted summary of the item’s content

3. A brief conclusion statement that includes important deadlines and contact information

The plugin will automatically add a link to the item source.

You should look at previously published posts on the “All Posts” if you have concerns about formatting or appropriate introductory or concluding content.

Categories & Tags

Once you have edited the post content, you can use the options on the right side of the page to assign the post to a category (news items belong in the Global History Blog category) and add any relevant tags (news item type, location, theme, etc.):

Category and tag example

Publication: Posts Sent for Review

Once your post is tagged and categorized, and you are satisfied with the post content and title, you should submit the post for review:

Pending Review

The site manager will be responsible for final review and publication.

Scheduling and Publication: For Editors with Permission to Publish

If you have the necessary permission to publish items directly, you can either publish immediately or schedule your post for a later date:

Post Scheduling

You can also add a featured image (that will appear on the front page as the post’s thumbnail image) using either an image from the post or a generic image from this site’s media library. See previously published posts for examples. You can add the featured image by clicking on “Set featured image” in the “Featured Image” box at the bottom right of the post page:

Featured image




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