Conference: Global History of Violence (Oxford University, UK, June 29 –July 1, 2017)

Here’s a conference announcement on the global history of violence. Organized by Oxford University, the conference is to be held on June 29 –July 1, 2017. The conference abstract explains more:

This conference brings global approaches to the history of violence, reassessing the nature of violence during the early modern period. Integrating warfare and other crucial forms of large-scale violence with recent scholarship on the history of collective and inter-personal violence, this three-day conference will probe historical assumptions about the limits of violence and its decline during the early modern period. 

Speakers include: Wayne Lee, Anthony McFarlane, Stuart Carroll, Pratyay Nath, Brian Sandberg, Cécile Vidal, Lauren Benton, Adam Clulow, Richard Reid, and James Belich

For further information and to register, please visit their website.

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