Global History Institutions

The Toynbee Prize Foundation solicits institutions focusing on global history for information on their programs and curricula. Global history numbers among the most burgeoning sub-fields in the discipline of history today, but few resources exist for students and scholars interested in enhancing international ties in a discipline that should be international by design. The Foundation intends to create an interactive online “atlas” of global history programs that will help orient students and scholars to the geography of this scholarly world. The atlas will serve to connect global history programs, exchange and debate best practices and curricula, and to connect readers of the Toynbee Foundation’s existing online content on global history to institutions where they can pursue the professionalized study of global history.

Representatives of interested institutions should input their information in the form below. Please enter your institution’s name, the URL of your website, your address, and a short (one to two paragraph) description of your activities. This description should identify the history of the program, its core activities, and information about its programs of study.

Note that the map may take up to an hour to fully populate. Please submit the form only once.