New Global Studies Journal

New Global Studies is the flagship journal of the New Global History initiative. A peer-reviewed online journal that explores and analyzes globalization from the perspective of multiple disciplines, NGS has since 2007 published articles and reviews in 3-4 issues per year. De Gruyter is the publisher, and the editors are: Nayan Chanda (Yale), Akira Iriye (Harvard), Bruce Mazlish (MIT) and Saskia Sassen (Columbia); the Managing Editor is Kenneth Weisbrode.

Contributors to NGS have included William McNeill, Yi-Fu Tuan, David Edgerton, William Keylor, Patrice Higonnet, Jessica Gienow-Hecht, Dominic Sachsenmaier, Peggy Levitt, Werner Sollors, David Apter, Paul Bracken, Irving Louis Horowitz, Stanley Engerman, Alastair Crooke, and many others.

Many scholars and policy makers from different areas and academic disciplines have directed their efforts to trying to understand globalization. These efforts tend to be piecemeal and specialized, staying within particular disciplinary boundaries. This journal exists to address the process going on around us as a whole, and developing over time. It addresses globalization with a holistic perspective, a perspective that gives us a view on the past and present of the globalizing phenomena that will be invaluable to all who seek to comprehend this fundamental aspect of our society and its development.