Global Interior: A Conversation with Megan Black About the U.S. Interior Department in the American World Order

During the middle of a troop and advising “surge” to Afghanistan following the election of Barack Obama, U.S. Defense Department officials and Afghan President Hamid Karzai made a blockbuster announcement: Afghanistan, formerly best known for its export of opium, was said to be on the brink of becoming the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a rare mineral […]

Policing the “Slums of the World”: A Conversation About Exporting American Police Expertise with Stuart Schrader

As Americans debate their choice of President, enthusiasm for long-term ground wars in the Middle East seems at an all-time low. Both candidates debate the merits of drone warfare in distant lands, or even the desirability (and viability) of a ban on Muslims’ entry to the United States, but what does seem unanimous after two […]

Seminar: “Approaches to Global History” (Weatherhead Initiative on Global History, Harvard Univrsity)

For readers of the Global History Blog based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, here’s a recent call for seminar series titled “Approaches to Global History” by The Weatherhead Initiative on Global History (WIGH) at Harvard University on alternate Mondays, 4-6pm, during  the Fall and Spring Semesters of the 2016-17 academic year. Program: Oct. 31 — Sebastian Schmidt (Department of History, Massachusetts […]

Post-Doctoral Position, Global American Studies, The Charles Warren Center (Harvard University)

Open positions continue to abound for historians working on global history! Here’s another  job opportunity announced from the The Charles Warren Center at Harvard University for a post-doctoral position on Global American Studies, with the possibility of staying on for one year starting July 1, 2017 and enlarged for a second. The call for applications explains: The Charles Warren […]

Weatherhead Initiative on Global History Fellowship 2017-2018 (Harvard University)

For those readers of the Global History Blog looking for a post-doctoral fellowship or a chance to engage with the vibrant international and global history community at Harvard University, here’s the perfect opportunity – the Global History Fellowships of The Weatherhead Initiative on Global History (WIGH) at Harvard University. (Readers of the Global History Forum might […]

CON-IH Conference (Harvard University, March 9-10, 2017)

Graduate students interested in global and international history, take heed – the call for applications has gone up for the seventeenth annual Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH). As the announcement explains, this year’s theme is migration in international and global history: The organizing committee for the Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History […]

Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (CON-IH)

Fresh off our recent announcement about Tufts University’s upcoming graduate student international and global history conference, we’re pleased to post another recent call for papers from one of the other international history centers in the Boston area, namely the Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH 16), slated to take place on March 10-11, […]

Weatherhead Initiative on Global History Fellowship (Harvard University)

If you’ve been following our blog at the Toynbee Prize Foundation, you will have noticed that several of our longer Global History Forum pieces, like the interviews with Steven Serels and Julio Robert Decker, or our review of Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton, have touched on scholars involved with the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at […]

Academy Scholars Program (Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies)

As we’re in the midst of jobs-posting season, here’s another attractive posting, this time from the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies for two-year postdoctoral fellowships.  The posting reads as follows: The Academy Scholars Program identifies and supports outstanding scholars at the start of their careers whose work combines disciplinary excellence in the social sciences […]

Soccer as a Global Phenomenon (Harvard University, April 14-16, 2016)

In light of the recent FIFA scandals exposing the global interconnections of soccer (football, for non-North Americans), here’s an appropriately-timed call for papers from our colleagues at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Initiative on Global History for a conference–taking place from April 14-16, 2016–that promises to cast light on the global history of “the beautiful game”: Soccer is the most global of games and […]