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CFP: “LAGlobal Symposium: The Global Past and Future of Latin American Studies” (21 MARCH, 2018, London)

For those interested in Latin American studies, here’s a recent call for papers for a symposium titled “LAGlobal Symposium: The Global Past and Future of Latin American Studies.” The call for papers explains more: This one-day international symposium will address the global dimensions of Latin American Studies, past, present and future. Contrary to common and…

CFP: African Diaspora beyond the Black Atlantic: Dynamics and Significance in the Latin American World and Elsewhere (Badagry, 22-23 August 2017)

For readers interested in the global history of the African diaspora, see this call for papers for a conference to be held at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria from 22-23 August, 2017: More often than not, the imagination of African Diaspora especially as it relates to Black Africa, resonates with…

“Latin America in a Global Context” (Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 18-21, 2016)

For those followers of the Toynbee Prize Foundation interested in Latin American history – and those fancying a trip to Brazil this autumn – here’s a recent call for papers that looks of interest. On October 18-21, 2016, the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be hosting a workshop titled “Latin America in…

Call for Papers: Transnational and Global Histories of Latin America’s Revolutionary Left

Here’s an interesting call for papers for not one, but two conferences on Latin American history in a global context, both organized by LSE’s Tanya Harmer and Alberto Martín Álvarez of the Instituto Mora in Mexico City.

A long description of both conferences follows; interested applicants should be aware that the deadline for applying is July 3, 2015, with a one page proposal in either Spanish or English and a brief academic CV, sent either to Harmer (t.harmer@lse.ac.uk) or  Álvarez (amartin@mora.edu.mx).

The LSE and the Instituto Mora are issuing calls for papers for two related international workshops that they are organising in 2016.  Funded by the British Academy’s Newton Mobility Fund, taking advantage of combined research expertise at both institutions, and linked to the established New Left Network led by Alberto Martín Álvarez and Eduardo Rey, the workshops aim to explore different perspectives on Latin America’s Revolutionary Left.

Although both workshops are part of the same broader project to examine global and transnational histories of Latin America’s Revolutionary Left (otherwise known as the New Left of the Armed Left), it is anticipated that proposals will be made to one workshop or the other rather than both. Details of the workshops and the themes they wish to explore are as follows:

Two Doctoral Student/Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter Positions in Latin American History, Global History at Freie Universität Berlin

Another opportunity in Berlin, courtesy of our colleagues at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut of the Freie Universität Berlin. “The Department of History,” notes a recent application, invites applications for two positions (50%) for Doctoral Students / Research and Teaching Associates (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) in Global and in Latin American History, commencing September 1, 2015. These are half-time (50% of…