Seminar: “Approaches to Global History” (Weatherhead Initiative on Global History, Harvard Univrsity)

For readers of the Global History Blog based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, here’s a recent call for seminar series titled “Approaches to Global History” by The Weatherhead Initiative on Global History (WIGH) at Harvard University on alternate Mondays, 4-6pm, during  the Fall and Spring Semesters of the 2016-17 academic year. Program: Oct. 31 — Sebastian Schmidt (Department of History, Massachusetts […]

Call for Proposals: International History Research Seminar, London School of Economics

For those readers of the Global History Blog based in the United Kingdom or Europe more generally, here’s a recent call for proposals for LSE’s International History Research Seminar worth considering.  This is a terrific opportunity to present work in progress from scholars at various stages, from in-progress PhDs to post-doctoral fellows to junior faculty. […]