Interview with Sven Beckert on Global History Approaches

As we look forward to our activities at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, here’s one piece from last year that we missed, namely an interview conducted by Zhanna Popova, a historian of punishment and labor camps in the Russian Empire and USSR, with Harvard historian Sven Beckert. Readers interested in Beckert’s […]

Weatherhead Initiative on Global History Fellowship (Harvard University)

If you’ve been following our blog at the Toynbee Prize Foundation, you will have noticed that several of our longer Global History Forum pieces, like the interviews with Steven Serels and Julio Robert Decker, or our review of Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton, have touched on scholars involved with the Weatherhead Initiative on Global History at […]

Unweaving Sven Beckert’s “Empire of Cotton: A Global History”

Pause for a moment while reading this review and check out the inside collar of your shirt or blouse. There’s a good chance that the garment you’re wearing is not only made out of cotton but was made in a country other than the one you’re living in: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Guatemala, or somewhere else […]

Sven Beckert on the “Empire of Cotton”

Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton: it’s one of the most keenly anticipated works of history this year, and you can read an adapted excerpt here at The Atlantic. The Toynbee Prize Foundation will be featuring an in-depth review of the book in weeks to come–we’re busy preparing a number of other Interviews with Global Historians–but readers […]

Harvard Magazine Article Explores Global History Today

Followers of the Toynbee Prize Foundation’s activities will be interested to know that there’s an excellent in-depth feature article in Harvard Magazine–an independent journal founded by Crimson alumni–covering the state of global history today, at least through the lens of activities in Cambridge. The piece covers the work of several global historians today: Sven Beckert and […]