A New Deal for the Nuremberg Trial? Discussing the History of Crimes Against Humanity with Elizabeth Borgwardt

More and more social science research suggests that polities recovering from eras of mass atrocity do best with strategies that are both forward-looking and backward-looking. Forward-looking initiatives may include constitutional revisions, support for non-governmental organizations, and amnesties; backward-looking devices may include summary executions, war crimes trials, or truth commissions. While few would argue that we […]

CFP: “Environment, Society, and the Making of the Modern World: The History and Legacy of the UN Conference on the Human Environment” (Stockholm, Sweden, December 2016)

Here’s an exciting upcoming conference that we’ve caught at the last minute – the deadline for submissions is tomorrow! Professors Glenda Sluga (Sydney),  Sverker Sörlin (KTH Stockholm), and Paul Warde (Cambridge) are organizing a conference titled “Environment, Society, and the Making of the Modern World: The History and Legacy of the UN Conference on the Human […]

Exploring the League of Nations’ Official Documentation – A Call for Ideas

Did you enjoy our recent interview with Susan Pedersen on her recent book The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire? If so, or if you are interested in digital history projects and international collaborations, here’s the opportunity for you. The Institutional Memory Section at the United Nations Office in Geneva  has announced a […]

Guarding Empire, Mandating Statehood: A Conversation with Susan Pedersen on the League of Nations, Internationalism, and the End of Empire

Travel to the shores of Lake Geneva, disembark from your ferry or catamaran onto the narrow streets of bourgeois Geneva, and take one of the Swiss city’s speedy trams up the hill to your north, and you won’t be able to miss it: there, at the end of one of the tram lines, sits the […]