Post-Doc Position (Tenure Track), History of International Governance, University of Vienna

It’s a busy week for Vienna-related job postings: first a recent call for papers on the history of liberal and illiberal internationalisms in Vienna this December; now, this call for a tenure-track post-doctoral position in the history of international governance at the University of Vienna. The call explains more: We solicit applications for a post-doc […]

University Professor in Global Economic and Social History, University of Vienna

As some, but not all, readers will know, while the timeline for applications for American academic jobs is crawling to an end these days, the European job market season is just beginning. And with many interesting positions for scholars of global history, no less. At the University of Vienna, for example, home to Global History Forum […]

Getting to (Global) Work with Andrea Komlosy: Discussing “Work: A Global History”

Work remains ever-present with us, yet somehow elusive. We spend more time doing it than anything else, other than sleeping, and yet defining what, exactly, the term means can be a challenge. Part of the reason may be the decline of solid salaried work, where one punched in and out of the factory, and knew […]