Toynbee Prize Lecture at the 2015 AHA

Visitors to this year’s American Historical Association Annual Meeting in New York City are reminded of the Toynbee Prize Lecture taking place at this year’s conference.

At 2:30 pm on Saturday, January 3, in the Central Park East room at the Sheraton New York (811 Seventh Avenue), the Foundation will be awarding the Toynbee Prize to Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty (University of Chicago), who will deliver a lecture entitled “From Globalization to Global Warming: A Historiographical Transition.” Professor Chakrabarty will be introduced by Toynbee Foundation Vice-President Darrin McMahon.  The Toynbee Prize Foundation hopes to make available the text of Professor Chakrabarty’s lecture on this website shortly following the event.

For maps of the area and the hotel, see this program, supplied by the American Historical Association.

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