Call for abstract submissions: Italy, Persia, and Early Modern Globalism

Please consider submitting an abstract for this session at the annual meeting of the College Art Association in Chicago in February 2014.

Chicago, CAA Annual Conference, February 12 – 15, 2014

Cristelle Baskins, Tufts University, and Pamela Jones, UMass Boston
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In late antiquity the eastern frontier of the Roman empire confronted Sassanian Persia. The rivalry between these two world empires was redefined centuries later when the Pope served as the titular head of Christendom and the Shah led Safavid Iran. This session centers on interactions between Italians and Persians as represented in visual culture from 1500-1700. Papers that consider dialogue and exchange, transculturation, or cultural mobility will be especially welcome. Topics might include: maps and travel, missionaries and hagiography, embassies and political imagery, and involve media such as paintings, sculptures, prints, ephemeral decorations, and the decorative arts.

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