Call for Papers, NYU Writing Group on Histories of the United States in the World

For scholars of American history in a global or transnational context—or simply those in the New York area who have enjoyed our features with scholars like Ryan Irwin or Jenifer van Vleck—here is a call for papers for a workshop at NYU on precisely that topic:

Faculty at the Draper Program at New York University and Rutgers University invite Ph.D. candidates writing dissertations, postdoctoral and junior faculty historians, and scholars in other disciplines using historical methods in the NYC metro area to participate in a writing workshop on histories of the U.S. in the World which will meet at NYU at least once each month during the 2016-2017 academic year. Participants of any professional status (ABD, postdocs, tenure-track, non-tenure track, etc.) are encouraged to submit scholarly writing of any type (book manuscript chapters, essays, journal articles, book review essays, op-ed pieces, etc.) which adopts global, transnational, or international approaches to the history of the modern United States to be pre-circulated for discussion in an informal, small-group workshop format. Current and past members include historians and other scholars studying U.S. foreign relations and empire, American studies, political development, technology, immigration, labor, capitalism and political economy, science and urban studies, although submissions on other aspects of modern U.S. history in world perspective are welcome.

Please submit a brief CV and, if possible, a 200-word abstract of writing to be submitted, to Justin Jackson, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in Global Histories, Draper Program, NYU, at

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