CFP: Survey, State, Map – Symposium of the International Society for the History of the Map (Maine, June 2018)

The International Society for the History of the Map will be hosting its 2018 symposium at the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education at the University of Southern Maine in Portland on 21-23 June of that year. The symposium welcomes “contributions on any aspect of the production, circulation, consumption, and curation of early maps and mapping;” “early” maps including all that are no longer used for their intended purposes, and “maps” including those found in literary, artistic, or popular works. The symposium especially encourages proposals that address two or more of the symposium’s three keywords (survey, state, and map), including thematic mapping of either natural or social features (or both), census mapping, topographical mapping, boundary mapping, intelligence mapping, among other related topics. An expanded call for papers with more detail is available on the Osher Map Library website.

Proposals must be original and not related to published work. They may be individual papers, poster presentations, or roundtable discussions – the organizers especially enocurage innovative panel structures. Abstracts of 250-400 words, along with accompanying information (name, email, title, institution) should be sent, along with any questions, to by 15 January 2018. Papers intended for a panel presentation should be submitted together. USM’s Matthew Edney, well known for his contributions to the history of imperial mapping, is the point of contact for the event.

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