CFP: “The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Expansion in Europe (14th-17th centuries)” (Lisboa, Portugal, November 24-26, 2016)

If you’re interested in the global history of economic, here’s a recent call for applications that will surely be of interest. The Portuguese Center for Global History (CHAM) , has organized a conference entitled “The Economic Impact of the Portuguese Expansion in Europe (14th-17th centuries)” will be taking place at Lisbon on November 24-26, 2016.

Here’s how the call for applications describes it:

Five centuries after its beginning (1415), it is necessary to evaluate the real economic impact of the European Expansion in its origins and destinies, breaking boundaries and building the foundations of what is understood as the first global age. This evaluation is based on the need to review this phenomenon, confronting the recent historiographic production which has minimized the economic repercussions of the European Expansion before the 19th century, notwithstanding some positive historiographic reappraisal made recently, at least in the case of Portugal. This discussion only makes sense if a comparative approach between European and extra-European realities is adopted.

Although not an exclusive European phenomenon, the Overseas Expansion made a deep change in Western Europe, revealing a multiform, complex and long-lasting nature in its place of origin and of arrival. Therefore, the aim of this congress is to re-evaluate the Portuguese Expansion from the 14th century to the 17th century, without overlooking its Medieval origins, as well as its extra-European contributions, from a plural and transdisciplinary approach but giving priority to an economic perspective.

The organizers invite you to contribute for this re-evaluation by addressing one of the following issues:
– Commercial networks, economic agents and trading companies;
– Development of trade cultures and techniques;
– Products and methods of economic exploration: continuities and inovation;
– Trade cities and societies: tensions, cooperation and quotidian;
– The impact of commerce and navigation on production and circulation of scientific and technological knowledge.

Interested? You should prepare proposals to be sent to with name, email address, institutional affiliation, title of paper and abstract of 250 words maximum, with 4 keywords in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French or Italian. The deadline for submitting papers is July 29, 2016.

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