Global History Center, Capital Normal University (Beijing, China)

Our friends at The Global History Center (GHC) of Capital Normal University (CNU) have released a flier containing information about their recent work:

The Global History Center (GHC) of Capital Normal University (CNU) was founded in 2004 at the initiative of Professor Liu Xincheng, the first of its kind in China. The center is bolstered by a total of more than ten faculty members of CNU’s School of History, encompassing both world history and Chinese history, keen on exploring cross-cultural, transnational, and transregional themes from a global interactive perspective or situating Chinese history in a more comprehensive world history framework. Since its founding, the GHC has witnessed the formation of a unique research and teaching team of global history, starting to offer both masters and doctoral degree training in such orientations as global history theory and methodology, history of the Mediterranean, the civilizational encounters of the Early Modern world, modern Western civilization and the world, international conflicts from a global history perspective, cross-cultural exchanges, and China and the world in global history processes, etc.

The GHC boasts its academic journal titled the Global History Review and an official website, in both Chinese and English. Over the years, GHC members have garnered a series of government-funded high-profile research projects and published both monographs and translations in global history. The late Professor Jerry H. Bentley of the University of Hawaii and Professor Dominic Sachsenmaier of the University of Göttingen have served as guest professors at the GHC, which also enjoys close cooperative relationships with a number of other universities around the world. Currently, Professor Liu Xincheng serves as the director of GHC, while its executive director is Professor Liu Wenming.

Major Publications of GHC Members in Recent Years

  1. Xia Jiguo and Jerry H. Bentley (eds.), Quanqiushiduben [The Global History Reader], Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2010.
  2. Liu Wenming, Quanqiushililun yu wenminghudong yanjiu [A Study in Global History and Civilizational Interactions], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2015.
  3. Wang Yongping, Cong “tianxia”dao“shijie”: Hantangshiqi de zhongguoyushijie [From “All Under Heaven” to the “World”: China and the World in Han and Tang Dynasty], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2015.
  4. Wei Guangqi, Xuanzeyuchonggou: Jindaizhongguojingying de lishiwenhua guan [Select and Reconstruct: How Modern Chinese Elites Reshaped Their Views on History and Culture], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2015.
  5. Chen Xiaohua, Shibashiji zhongxinhudong: Xueshujiaoliu yu chuancheng [Interactions between China and the West in the 18th Century: Academic Exchanges and Inheritance], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2015.
  6. Wei Xiaoji, Hudongyurentong: Gudianshiqi zhongguoyuxila zuqunrentong de bijiao [Interaction and Identity: A Comparative Study of Community Identity Formation in Classical China and Greece], Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2015.
  7. Liu Wenming (ed.), Xifangrenqinli he jiangshu de jiawuzhanzheng [A Western Eye-witnesses’ Account of the First Sino-Japanese War], Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2015.
  8. Liu Xincheng, Yingguoyihuiyanjiu, 1485-1603 [A Study of the English Parliament,1485-1603], Beijing: People’s Press, 2016.

Global History Publications Translated by GHC Members into Chinese

  1. Robert B. Marks, Xiandaishijie de qiyuan [The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Perspective], trans. Xia Jiguo, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2006.
  2. Pamela Kyle Crossley, Shenmashiquanqiushi [What is Global History], trans. Liu Wenming, Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2009.
  3. William H. McNeill, Shijieshi [A World History], trans. Shi Cheng and Zhao Jing, Beijing: CITIC Press, 2013.
  4. J. R. McNeill, Yangguangxia de xinshiwu [Something New Under the Sun], trans. Han Li and Han Xiaowen, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2013.
  5. C.A. Bayly, Xiandaishijie de dansheng [The Birth of the Modern World], trans. Yu Zhan and He Meilan, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2013.
  6. David Armitage, Dulixuanyan: yizhongquanqiushi [The Declaration of Independence: A Global History], trans. Sun Yue, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2014.
  7. William H. McNeill, Xifang de xingqi: Renleigongtongtishi [The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community], trans. Sun Yue, et al, Beijing: CITIC Press, 2015.
  8. Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Ouzhoubaquanzhiqian: 1250-1350 nian de shijietixi [Before European Hegemony: The World System A.D. 1250-1350], trans. Du Xianbing, He Meilan, and Wu Yitian, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2015.
  9. William H. McNeill, Zhuiqiuzhenli: Weilianmaikenierhuiyilu [The Pursuit of Truth: A Historian’s Memoir], trans. Gao Zhaojing, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University Press, 2015.
  10. Patrick Manning, Shijieshidaohang: Quanqiushijiao de goujian [Navigating World History: Historians Create A Global Past], trans. Tian Jing and Mao Jiapeng, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2016.
  11. Bruce Mazlish, Wenming ji qi neihan [Civilization and Its Contents], trans. Wang Hui, Beijing: Commercial Press, 2017.
  12. Jo Guldi and David Armitage, Lishixuexuanyan [The History of Manifesto], trans. Sun Yue, Shanghai: Truth & Wisdom Press, 2017.

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