Oxford Centre for Global History: Global Knowledge Workshop

The University of Oxford’s Transnational and Global History group is pleased to announce a one-day interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Global Knowledge’, to be held at Ertegun House, Oxford on 10 May 2013,with a keynote address by Professor Sir Christopher Bayly. It is being planned in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Global History’s ‘Empires of Knowledge’ workshop on 9 May 2013.

This workshop seeks to illuminate how knowledge, broadly defined, has migrated beyond national or local boundaries and what effects it has had. Whether considering the early expansion of Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries, or the proliferation of transnational networks in the modern era, the movement of knowledge consistently serves to shape distant societies, often producing profoundly different results than had been originally intended. Yet the history of knowledge has remained largely confined to the domains of national or regional history.

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