Post-Doc Position (Tenure Track), History of International Governance, University of Vienna

It’s a busy week for Vienna-related job postings: first a recent call for papers on the history of liberal and illiberal internationalisms in Vienna this December; now, this call for a tenure-track post-doctoral position in the history of international governance at the University of Vienna. The call explains more:

We solicit applications for a post-doc position (tenure track) in the history of international governance and global history. The successful applicant will ideally have interdisciplinary approaches and research and publication strengths. We are interested in applicants working in any combinations of the following areas: The role of international institutions, pressure groups and civil society initiatives in regulating global economy, security, migration and financial markets as well as in the implementation of social policy, human rights and labour standards.

We especially invite applications from researchers who are able to foster international research connections and develop innovative approaches to the history of internationalism and international organizations since the second half of the 19th century. A particular focus on the history of governance, the history of international relations, the history of sciences, the humanities and knowledge is advantageous. We welcome a variety of approaches, including for example gender.

We also expect a strong commitment to teaching on all levels (B.A., M.A. and teacher’s training curricula in History (according to the University’s Collective Agreement [Kollektivvertrag]) in German and English, as well as participation in one of the existing Research Areas in the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies. The successful applicant will also be encouraged to cooperate with units located in other faculties (Law, Political Science and Social Sciences).

For those confused by the apparent contradiction between a post-doctoral position and a tenure-track position, the call explains further:

The advertised position is a scientific tenure track position: within the first two years of employment the University of Vienna may offer a “qualification agreement” if the scientific performance of the employee suggests that the required qualification can be reached.

 This agreement is connected with the title of “Assistant Professor” [AssistenzprofessorIn].

In case the goals of the “qualification agreement” are met, the employment (initially limited to a period of 6 years) will be made permanent and the title of the employee will be changed to “Associate Professor” [assoziierte/r ProfessorIn].

Via a further competitive procedure as stipulated in the University’s Statutes, associate professors can be directly promoted to full professor.

If the qualification is not reached, the employment ends upon expiry of the contract term; in case of an indefinite employment at that time, such employment may be terminated by the University.

Interested? Make sure to submit your application to the University of Vienna’s Job Center no later than April 1, 2016. The application includes a tailor-made five page application letter as well as several enclosures, to make sure to read the call closely. The successful application will begin her position on October 1, 2016.

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