What We’re Reading This Week

Street Scene in Cairo, December 1919 (Source: Tulipe Noire)

Joseph Satish

Robert P. Crease, “The rise and fall of scientific authority — and how to bring it back”, Nature

Anna Grear, “It’s wrongheaded to protect nature with human-style rights,” Aeon

Mihir Shah, “Political Radicalism of Ambedkar’s Spirituality,” The India Forum

Chloe Bordewich

Diana Abbani, “ديانا عباني، تعالى حبيبي لنسكر: عوالم أحيين ليالي بيروت,” Jeem

Thomas Manuel, “A Tale of Two Continents: The Story of Lemuria and Gondwana,” Lapham’s

Chris Szabla

Allan Chapman, “Ye final frontier: the 17th century space race,” History Extra

Hussein A.H. Omar, “The Arab Spring of 1919,” LRB Blog

Paul Cohen, “France’s Philosopher-Presidents,” Dissent 

Nollywood Dreams, Lagosian Realities: A Bibliography for the Capital of West Africa,” The Metropole

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