What We’re Reading This Week

Eugenicist Paul Popenoe counseling a couple on hereditary preservation, 1930 (Source: Eugenics Archives via Timeline)

Martin Crevier

Aaron Ackerly, “Old Prejudices, New Debates: J.A. Hobson and Anti-Semitism,” History Matters

Damian Zane, “Why is a Tanzanian chief’s skull mentioned in the Versailles Treaty?,” BBC

Christine Chevalier-Caron, “Algérie, une histoire de révolutions: discussions avec trois jeunes engagés,” Histoire engagées

Natalie C. Behrends

Audrey Farley, “We Still Don’t Know How to Navigate the Cultural Legacy of Eugenics,” Longreads

Alejandro I Paz, “Latinos in Israel: Language and Unexpected Citizenship (New Texts Out Now),” Jadaliyya

Trita Parsi, “America’s Confrontation With Iran Goes Deeper Than Trump,” Atlantic Monthly

Zhifu Tiger Li

Cherie Howie, “The forgotten ‘First Baby’ of New Zealand: Huia Onslow, the 19th century son of New Zealand Governor William Hillier Onslow,”  The New Zealand Herald

Jin Wu, Anjali Singhvi and Jason Kao, How Big Was Sunday’s Protest In Hong Kong? These Aerial Images Show You“, NYT

Mathra Henriques, “The global food system is at a crossroads. Five global thought leaders give their solutions for the future,” BBC

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