What We’re Reading This Week

A palm plantation near Miri, Malaysia (Source: The Washington Post/Mattias Klum)

Liat Spiro

Peter James Hudson, “How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean,” Boston Review

Is Labor’s Future in Labor’s Capital?: A Debate,” LPE Blog

Reflections on the Plantationocene: A Conversation with Donna Haraway & Anna Tsing, moderated by Gregg Mitman,” Edge Effects

Joshua Milstein

Håkan Forsell, “Crack in the future: On 1989 and historical time,” Eurozine

Gene Sharp, the Cold War Intellectual Whose Ideas Seduced the Left – An interview with Macie Smith,” Jacobin

Susannah Heschel, “Time to Provincialize Christianity: A Response to Daniel Boyarin’s Judaism,” LA Review of Books

Martin Crevier

Tamson Pietsch, “Where I stand: rewriting the academic bio,” Caps and Gown

David Motadel, “The Far Right Says There’s Nothing Dirtier Than Internationalism – But They Depend on It,” NYT

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