What We’re Reading This Week

London Magazine


Carol Schaeffer, “Alt-Reich,” The Caravan.

Riddhi Bhandari, “XQs X – A Conversation with Anand Vivek Taneja,” Chapati Mystery.

Meagan Day, “The Shark and the Hound,” The Baftler.

Charlotte Higgins, “The Cult of Mary Beard,” The Guardian.


Nikhil Sonnad, “Tea if by Sea, Cha if by Land: Why the Word Only Has Two Words for Tea,” Quartz.

Bradley Jardine, “Georgia’s Communists, With Chinese Help, Fight to Preserve Stalin’s Press,” Eurasianet.

Jason Stanely, “On Becoming the Enemy,” Boston Review.

Saima Nasar, “The Afro-Asian Grocery,” Blog Afro-Asian Visions.


Ariane Godbout, “Du ‘mauvais garçon à la bonne fille’: le chevalier d’Éon et la transidentité au XVIIIe siècle,” [“From ‘Bad Boy to Good Girl’, the Chevalier D’Éon and Transidentity in the 18th Century”] Le Devoir.

Laura Larsen, “Checking Cows to Find the Crow,” Unwritten Histories.

Franklin Foer, “The Plot Against America,” The Atlantic.

Michelle Nijhuis, “The Book That Colored Charles Darwin’s World,” The New Yorker.

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