What We’re Reading This Week

TIME Magazine Cover/John Maynard Keynes/December 31, 1965


Adam Tooze, ‘Notes on the Global Condition,’ Blog Adam Tooze.

Mike Beggs, ‘The Keynesian Counterrevolution,’ Jacobin.

Firat Haciahmetoglu, ‘The “World-Jewry” as a Misnomer for “the Globalists”: Heidegger and Anti-Semitism,’ The Philosophical Salon.

Leon Aron, ‘Kingdom Come: Millenarianism’s Deadly Allure, from Lenin to ISIS,’ NYR Daily.


Jabez T. Sutherland, ‘The New Nationalist Movement in India,’ The Atlantic.

Amrita Dutta, ‘On a Wang and a Prayer: Tamil Dalit Writer Bama on 25 Years of Karukku,’ The Indian Express.

Florence Piron, ‘2 Thoughts on “Open Access in the Francophone Global South: Between Collective Empowerment and Neocolonialism”,’ DOAJ Blog. 

University of Cambridge, ‘Exploring a Global History of Science,’ The Wire.


Ashton Merck, ‘Research-Oriented: Translating a History PhD into a Successful Career at a Think Tank,’ AHA Today.

Alex Beattie, ‘A History Lesson for Silicon Valley,’ Scoop Review of Books.

Lucas Thompson, ‘Mirror Sydney,’ Australian Book Review.

Michael Walsh and Jason Fang, ‘China Offers New Five-Year Visas to Foreigners of Chinese Ancestry,’ ABC.

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