Symposium: Labor, Migration, and the State: Past, Present, Future (Berlin, Germany – March 11, 2016)

For those TPF readers in Germany or Europe, here’s a recent announcement for a forthcoming symposium hosted by the Indiana University Europe Gateway in conjunction with the re:work initiative at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The symposium takes the following as its starting point:

What kind of questions of social solidarity are posed to European societies by increasing numbers of migrants? How should the left, with a tradition of defending internationalism and progressive forms of social solidarity respond? What can we learn from historical and global examples? Within the scope of this symposium, social and cultural activists, professors from Indiana University and re:work fellows will discuss critical questions about labor migration and the role of the state in regional width as well as in historical depth.

The program (available at the above link) focuses on myriad problems of mobility in contemporary Europe and closes with a discussion of how to teach migration as a theme presented by professor from Indiana University-Bloomington and a screening of the Philipp Scheffler film Revision (2012) and a reception.

The event takes place at Indiana University Europe Gateway (Gneisenaustrasse 27, 10961 Berlin). For more information, please contact Andrea Adam Moore.

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