Jürgen Osterhammel’s 2017 Toynbee Prize Lecture – “Arnold Toynbee and the Problems of Today”

Did you miss the Toynbee Prize Lecture at this year’s American Historical Association Annual Meeting? Or did our recap of Jürgen Osterhammel’s Prize Lecture leave you curious to see the full address?

Thanks to the generosity of Professor Osterhammel, we are able to make available the full text of the 2017 Toynbee Prize Lecture, “Arnold Toynbee and the Problems of Today” (published in Issue 60 of the German Historical Institute Bulletin). Additionally, readers may also read Toynbee Prize Foundation President Dominic Sachsenmaier‘s introductory remarks for Professor Osterhammel’s Lecture.

Readers interested in past Toynbee Prize Lectures may also wish to view Dipesh Chakrabarty’s 2015 Prize Lecture, also held at the AHA Annual Meeting.

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