What We’re Reading This Week

Charles de Gaulle, president of France, in Algeria, August 1959

Chris Szabla

Quinn Slobodian, “Colossus Wears Tweed,” Dissent

Vladimír Handl, “From the other side of the aisle,” Visegrad Insight,  

“France’s Macron calls colonialism in Africa a ‘grave mistake”Deutsche Welle

Yuan Yang, “Xinjiang security crackdown spurs Han Chinese exodusFinancial Times

Nguyen Hong Thao, “Malaysia’s New Game in the South China Sea” The Diplomat

Julia Klimova

“Val d’Isere: The doctor who hid a Jewish girl – and the resort that wants to forget” BBC

Ofer Aderet, “The Secret Israel-Soviet Union War Nobody Knew About” Haaretz

Renee Ghert-Zand, “First transport of Jews to Auschwitz was 997 young Slovak women and teens” Times of Israel

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