What We’re Reading This Week

Share of the Standard Oil Company, issued May 1, 1878 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Govan Dexter

Brain Hanley, “The RIC was never a normal police force; commemorating it would be a travesty”, Irish Times 

Jean McNicol, “The atmosphere of the Clyde”, London Review of Books  

Nicolle Liu, “Hong Kong citizens head to Taiwan to celebrate a momentous vote”, Financial Times

Zaib un Nisa Aziz

Aaron Bastani, “Fully Automated Luxury Communism”, Verso Books 

Peter Gordon, “Why Historical Analogy Matters”, New York Review of Books 

Lothar Peter, “How to be a Partisan Professor”, Jacobin Magazine 

Catherine Hall, “Mother Country”, London Review of Books 

Liat Spiro

John Clegg & Adaner Usmani, “The Economic Origins of Mass Incarceration”, Catalyst

Trish Kahle, “A Burning Analogy”, Jacobin

Stefan Link & Noam Maggor, “The United States as a Developing Nation: Revisiting the Peculiarities of American History”Past and Present

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