What We’re Reading This Week

A Dutch cartoon depicting the Papuan perspective on the Act of Free Choice, 1969. Photo credit: Indonesia at Melburne

Sam de Schutter

Francis J. Gavin, “Asking the right questions about the past and future of world order”War on the Rocks. 

Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja, “Why they killed Patrice Lumumba”Jacobin. 

Daniel Immerwahr, “A World to Win: Decolonization and the pursuit of a more egalitarian international order”The Nation. 

Louisa Uchum Egbunike, “Remembering Biafra”History Workshop

Joshua Milstein

Finn Bowring, “Hannah Arendt and the hierarchy of human activity”, TLS

Maciej Urbanowski, “Conservative Revolution: Rightwing literature in Poland after 1989”, Eurozine

Kristie Flannery

Catherine Hall, “Mother Country”, London Review of Books

Annie Corrral, “85,000 Pieces From Beloved Chinatown Museum Likely Destroyed in Fire”, The New York Times

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