What We’re Reading This Week

Pride and Prejudice film. Photo credit: chilimovie.com

Rustam Khan

“The Divided God: A Letter to Hong Kong”, Chuang

Pankaj Mishra, “Liberalism according to the Economist”, The New Yorker. 

Sean Phillips

Emma Kluge, “How the world failed West Papua in its campaign for independence”The Conversation 

Callum Kelly, “The Bodleian Shuinjō: Early English Trade with Japan, 1613-1623”, Oxford and Empire

Tom Almeroth-Williams, “Pride & prejudice at high altitude”, University of Cambridge

Toby Green, “Africa, in its fullness”, Aeon

Ndongo Samba Sylla, “The franc zone, a tool of French neocolonialism in Africa”, New Frame 

Hayley Keon

Keith B. Richburg, “Bird Flu, Sars, China coronavirus. Is history repeating itself?”The South China Morning Post.

Casey Cep, “The Fight to Preserve African American History”The New Yorker

Kenan Malik, “No history, no languages… the end of humanities only deepens divides”The Guardian

Yehor Brailian

Antony Taylor, “Opposing the royals: a brief history of republicanism in Britain”, History Extra

Mohammed Elnaiem, “What Was the Black International?”, JSTOR Daily

Jorge L. Giovannetti-Torres, “Britain’s Forgotten Citizens”, History Today

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