What We’re Reading This Week

Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard aboard Trieste, 1960. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Matthew Bowser

Reuters, “Anti-China sentiments, racism spreading along with coronavirus”, The New York Post

Ian Sample, “No 10 furore is latest chapter in long, dark history of racist science”, The Guardian

Jonathan Marcus, “US-Taliban talks: A prelude to all-encompassing Afghan deal?”, BBC

Mahdi Chowdhury

Kaamil Ahmed, “The river is our home’: Bangladeshi boatmen mourn their receding waters“, The Guardian

Deepak Unnikrishnan, “The Hidden Cost of Migrant Labor“, Foreign Affairs

Joseph Satish

Aswathi Pacha, “NCBS Archives tells stories of how science blossomed here“, The Hindu

Jennifer Kren, “Rethinking Joseph Banks“, The Royal Society Blog

Ziya Us Salam, “This is Freedom Struggle II“, Frontline

Wil S. Hylton, “History’s largest mining operation is about to begin“, The Atlantic

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