What We’re Reading This Week

Family photo
The Malka Family in the early 1920s, Khartoum
(Source: BBC)

Zhifu Tiger Li

Declan Walsh and Max Fisher,  “From Chile to Lebanon, Protests Flare Over Wallet Issues,” NYT

Kate Bagnall,  “‘A legacy of White Australia’ – Records about the Poon Gooey family in the NAA“,  The Tiger’s Mouth

Daisy Abboudi,  “Sudan’s lost Jewish community – in pictures,”  BBC News

Natalie Behrends

Gili Kliger, “The Critical Bite of Cultural Relativism,”  Boston Review

Anne Thériault, “Queens of Infamy: Njinga, Longreads

Keanga-Yamhatta Taylor, “Predatory Inclusion,” N+1

Rustam Khan

Steven Rose, “Pissing in the Snow,” LRB

Adam Tooze, “Is this the End of the American Century?,” LRB

Francis Wade, ““The Liberal Order Is the Incubator for Authoritarianism”: A Conversation with Pankaj Mishra,” LARB

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