What We’re Reading This Week

Photograph of General William T. Sherman and Commissioners in Council with Indian Chiefs at Fort Laramie, Wyoming, ca. 1 - NARA - 531079.jpg
The signing of the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868)
Source: Wikipedia Commons

Matthew Bowser

Helen Sullivan, “The Making of Lebanon’s October Revolution”, The New Yorker

Prashanth Parameswaran, “After Baghdadi’s Death, What’s Next for Southeast Asia’s Terrorism Fight?”, The Diplomat

Adom Getachew, “A Fuller Freedom: The Lost Promise of Pan-Africanism”, The Nation

Paul Sullivan, “The Berlin Wall: GDR Relics to See, 30 Years On”, The Guardian

Liat Spiro

Aaron Benanav, “Automation and the Future of Work“, New Left Review 

Greta Byrum, “Building the People’s Internet,” Urban Omnibus

Sanjukta Paul, “The Constitutional Role of Economic Coordination Rights,” LPE Blog

James Parker

Pekka Hämäläinen, “Can Colonial Nations Truly Recognise the Sovereignty of Indigenous People?,” Aeon

Sa’eed Husaini, “The Socialist Agronomist Who Helped End Portuguese Colonialism,” Jacobin

Dalle Abraham, “Area of Darkness? Media Frames of Northern Kenya,” The Elephant

Grieve Chelwa & Seán Muller, “The Poverty of Poor Economics,” Africa is a Country

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