What We’re Reading This Week

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Clyde River, Baffin Island Harris"
Lawren Harris, Clyde River, Baffin Island, 1930
Credit: National Gallery of Canada

Yehor Brailian

Matthew Willis “The East India Company Invented Corporate Lobbying,” JSTOR Daily 

Mark Hampton, “Leaving Hong Kong” History Today.

Marybeth Hamilton “Concentration camps and historical analogies: an interview with Dan Stone,” History Workshop.

Barbara J. Falk, “Legacies of 1989 for dissent today,” Eurozine.

Sean Phillips

Dagomar Degroot, “Little Ice Age lessons,” Aeon

Paul Kreitman, ‘The Midway of our movie screens ignores its place within America’s oceanic empire,” New Statesman.

Dirk Kampling, “Warum ich mich nicht über den Mauerfall freuen konnte,” Spiegel Online.

Jeffery C. J. Chen & Chase Caldwell Smith, “Sebastian Conrad on Approaches to Global History,” The Global History Podcast.

Martin Crevier

Jean-François Nadeau, “Grandeur et misère des pêcheries gaspésiennes,” Le Devoir

AHR Conversation: Museums, History, and the Public in a Global Age,” American Historical Review

Brooke Jarvis “Who Speaks for Crazy Horse?,” New Yorker

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