What We’re Reading This Week

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Chinese Stamp in 1950
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Colin Bernard

Paul Hockenos, “Zero Hour: The First Days of new Berlin“, The Boston Review.

Dimitrina Petrova, “The 1989 Revolutions and the Roots of Illiberal Populism“, Dissent

Ben Margulies, “Book Review: Maoism a Global History by Julia Lovell“, LSE Review of Books

Dexter Govan

Diarmaid Ferriter, “Irish have no right to politicise remittances“,  Irish Times

Dalya Alberge, “Cliff face challenge to rescue Ethiopian church paintings“, The Guardian 

Thant Myint-U, “Not a single year’s peace“, LRB

Kevin Cashman, “A week after the coup in Bolivia, there’s still no proof of electoral fraud“, Jacobin 

Meghna Chauduri

Ashoka Mody, “How India’s Growth Bubble Fizzled Out,” LiveMint

Michel Roberts, “The economics of modern imperialism,” Michel Roberts Blog

Darryl Li, The Universal Enemy, Jihad, Empire, and the Challenge of Solidarity (Interview)“, Jadaliyya

Anti-Caste International: John Lee in Concersation with Paul Divakar, Rita Izák-Ndiaye, and Mohamed Nur Iftin,” Borderlines

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