What We’re Reading This Week

Bruce Pascoe, author of Dark Emu
Photo: Vicky Shukuroglou (The Guardian)

Natalie Behrends

Daniel Boguslaw, “Fighting Franco’s Ghosts,” Dissent

Reem Abou-el-Fadl, “Foreign Policy as Nation-Making: Turkey and Egypt in the Cold War (New Texts Out Now),” Jadaliyya

Sarah Balakrishnan, “Placing and Spacing the Dead in Colonial Accra,” The Metropole

Martin Crevier

Tom Griffiths, “Reading Bruce Pascoe,” Inside Story

Isabelle Hachey, “Violence généalogique et autres impressions,” La Presse

Charles Fain Lehman, “The Poverty of Economics,” American Interest

Tiger Zhifu Li

Kate Bagnall,”Uncommon Lives : Uncommon Lives in the National Archives: Biography, history and the records of government,” The Tiger’s Mouth

 “Trump Signs Hong Kong Democracy Legislation, Angering China,”  NYT

Lorena Allam, “Aboriginal traditional owners say they are being punished for opposing Adani coalmine,” The Guardian

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