What We’re Reading This Week

Student protesters in Ethiopia c. 1967-74
(Source: Libcom.com)

Liat Spiro

Noah Zatz, “Care Work In & Beyond the Labor Market,” LPE Blog

Eileen Boris, “Making Care Work Green,” LPE Blog

Worldmaking after Empire Roundtable,” AAIHS

James Parker

Arundhati Roy, “India: Intimations of an Ending,” The Nation 

Andrew Anthony, “Lost in Cambodia,” The Guardian

Bahru Zewde, “The Legacies of the Ethiopian Student Movement,” Jacobin

Matthew Bowser

Vidhi Doshi, “A Look Inside the School Professionalizing India’s Nationalists,” The Atlantic

Umair Irfan, “The Law That’s Helping Fuel Delhi’s Deadly Air Pollution,” Vox

Sarah Marsh, “‘My Dignity is Destroyed’: the Scourge of Sexual Violence in Cox’s Bazar,” The Guardian

Michael Sullivan, “China Reshapes The Vital Mekong River To Power Its Expansion,” NPR

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