What We’re Reading This Week

Student protesting the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. 10 days before the opening ceremony the armed forces fired on protesters, killing an undetermined number
(Image from radiodiaries.org)

Colin Bernard

Wolfgang Streeck, “Progressive Regression” , The New Left Review

Ian Johnson, “The Eastern Jesus”, The New York Review of Books

Adom Getachew, “Holding Ourselves Responsible”, The Boston Review 

Rafael Rojas, “El 68 mexicano: la nueva historia”, Letras Libres

Dexter Govan

Breda O’Brien, “UCD to turn on canonisation of John Henry Newman,” The Irish Times 

Rhian E. Jones, “Remembering and rebuilding socialist culture: a talk given at the world transformed,” New Socialist

John Lanchester, “Document Number Nine,” LRB

Harriet Marsden, ‘‘This is not what we fought for’: the battle to end Iran’s ban on female football fans,’ The Independent

Meghna Chaudhuri

A. Liu “Does Hong Kong Even Need the NBA?,” Mother Jones

Mohamad Junaid, “The moment of reckoning for Kashmir,” The Asian Dialogue

Kevin P. Donavan and Emma Park, “Perpetual Debt in the Silicon Savannah,” The Boston Review

Edward E. Baptist, “Toxic Debt, Liar Loans, and Securitized Human Beings,” Common Place

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