2020/03/12Global Ukrainian Studies in the Making: An Interview with Serhii Plokhy2020-03-12 01:38:50
2020/02/12Unexpected Guests? The Soviet Union and the History of Global Capitalism: An Interview with Oscar Sanchez-Sibony2020-02-12 19:27:20
2020/01/21Youth, God, and Empire: Interview With Dr. Joy Schulz2020-01-21 22:14:36
2019/12/09Seleucid Global? Time and Empire in the Hellenistic Near East: An Interview with Paul J. Kosmin2019-12-09 00:45:59
2019/11/07‘It’s Not Rocket Science’: Nuclear Disasters in and beyond the Soviet Union—An Interview with Kate Brown2019-11-07 18:32:51
2019/10/16The Institution of International Order: An Interview with Simon Jackson and Alanna O’Malley2019-10-16 05:25:23
2019/09/05Cossacks and Columbus: An Interview with Yaroslav Hrytsak2019-09-05 09:25:46
2019/05/30Thinking Global in Turkey: An Interview with Trustee Selçuk Esenbel2019-05-30 09:51:54
2019/04/24From Istanbul to Tokyo: An Interview with Eric Tagliacozzo2019-04-24 12:00:32
2019/04/03Elites Connecting Eastern and Western Europe: An Interview with Dina Gusejnova2019-04-03 11:45:33
2019/03/14A Genealogy of a Non-Event: An Interview with Seth Anziska2019-03-14 13:40:23
2019/02/20Histories of the Big and Small: An Interview with Mark Mazower2019-02-20 12:00:43
2019/01/30The Age of Questions: An Interview with Holly Case2019-01-30 12:00:38
2019/01/09How Do We Teach Global History? A Toynbee Prize Conversation2019-01-09 12:16:59
2018/12/05Islam, Constitutionalism, and the Nation State in Afghanistan: An Interview with Faiz Ahmed2018-12-05 12:00:15
2018/11/14Writing the Histories of People in Motion: An Interview with Laura Madokoro2018-11-14 12:00:13
2018/10/24Development Politics and India’s Cold War Triangle: An Interview with David Engerman2018-10-24 12:00:47
2018/10/04Exploring the History of Science and Religion: An Interview with Job Kozhamthadam2018-10-04 12:00:36
2018/09/06Troubling the Empire: An Interview with Antoinette Burton2018-09-06 12:00:45
2018/07/24Populism in History: An Interview with Federico Finchelstein2018-07-24 11:00:35
2018/07/05Negotiating Maritime Power in Early Modern East Asia: An Interview with Adam Clulow2018-07-05 12:00:07
2018/06/13‘Doubt Everything’: An Interview on the State of Marxist History with Vijay Prashad and Ewan Gibbs, Part II2018-06-13 12:00:09
2018/06/06‘Doubt Everything’: An Interview on the State of Marxist History with Vijay Prashad and Ewan Gibbs, Part I2018-06-06 11:45:09
2018/05/30Echoes of Weimar in American Cold War Politics: An Interview with Daniel Bessner2018-05-30 12:50:41
2018/04/25The Human Condition and the Laws of War: An Interview with Tanisha Fazal2018-04-25 12:00:03
2018/04/23Guns, Spies and Empire, Or, Why Good People Do Bad Things: An Interview with Priya Satia2018-04-23 14:47:12
2018/04/04The Arabic Freud: An Interview with Omnia El Shakry2018-04-04 12:00:31
2018/03/21Global Histories of Neoliberalism: An Interview with Quinn Slobodian2018-03-21 12:00:04
2018/03/14When the Ottoman Empire Scrambled for Africa: An Interview With Mostafa Minawi2018-03-14 12:00:29
2018/02/21Revolution in Context: An Interview with Justin du Rivage2018-02-21 12:00:45
2018/01/31Writing Global Ecological History ‘From Below’: An Interview with Gregory Cushman2018-01-31 12:00:22
2018/01/10Protectionism and Empire: An Interview with Marc-William Palen2018-01-10 07:00:39
2017/12/20Reintegrating Apartheid into Post-War Global History: An Interview with Jamie Miller2017-12-20 18:47:25
2017/12/06Hesitant Hegemony for China and the US? An Interview with Lixin Wang2017-12-06 12:00:42
2017/11/30Time and Space in the History of Globalism: An Interview with Or Rosenboim2017-11-30 12:00:17
2017/11/09The 1970s in Arab-American Perspective: An Interview with Salim Yaqub2017-11-09 11:50:05
2017/10/04How to Start an Empire: An Interview with Steven Press2017-10-04 09:00:35
2017/09/15A Muslim Cosmopolis, Or, the Individual and the Nation in Global History: An Interview with Seema Alavi2017-09-15 08:00:31
2017/08/24Acts of Faith: Talking Religion, Law, and Empire with Dr. Anna Su2017-08-24 09:18:26
2017/07/31Of Prostitution and Port Cities: A Conversation with Liat Kozma2017-07-31 08:35:31
2017/07/17Human Rights and the Global South: A Conversation with Steven L. B. Jensen2017-07-17 09:00:40
2017/06/30Dissecting Hindutva: A Conversation with Jyotirmaya Sharma2017-06-30 09:00:18
2017/06/16From Imperial Nation-States to European Union: Discussing European History in an International Context with Anne-Isabelle Richard2017-06-16 09:00:55
2017/06/01Soviet Socialism with Chinese Characterisics? Understanding the Collapse of the Soviet Economy with Christopher Miller2017-06-01 09:00:50
2017/05/08Chinese Jesus: Discussing German Missionaries’ Journey “From Christ to Confucius” with Albert Wu2017-05-08 09:00:02
2017/04/18Global Capitalism and Trans-Atlantic Revolution: An Interview with Andrew Zimmerman2017-04-18 21:13:32
2017/03/31The Grid and the Territory: Discussing What Comes After the Map with William Rankin2017-03-31 09:00:44
2017/03/16Global Interior: A Conversation with Megan Black About the U.S. Interior Department in the American World Order2017-03-16 08:00:57
2017/01/16A New Deal for the Nuremberg Trial? Discussing the History of Crimes Against Humanity with Elizabeth Borgwardt2017-01-16 07:00:01
2016/12/10The Other Intellectuals: A Conversation with Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins About Raymond Aron and International Order2016-12-10 07:00:22
2016/11/24Policing the “Slums of the World”: A Conversation About Exporting American Police Expertise with Stuart Schrader2016-11-24 06:50:49
2016/10/12Anti-Westernism in Question: An Interview with Cemil Aydin on Pan-Asianism, Pan-Islamism, and the Idea of the “Muslim World” in History2016-10-12 09:56:47
2016/08/25Making the Pilgrimage to the “Mecca of Revolution”: A Conversation with Jeffrey James Byrne on Algerian Internationalism and the Third World2016-08-25 11:44:58
2016/07/20Thicker Than Water: Revisiting Global Connections on the Banks of the Suez Canal with Valeska Huber2016-07-20 14:29:42
2016/06/15Who Is Responsible? An Interview with Tracy Neumann on “Remaking the Rustbelt” and the Transnational Fortunes of Post-Industrial America and Canada2016-06-15 09:21:37
2016/05/30De-Segregating International Relations: A Conversation with Robert Vitalis on “White World Order, Black Power Politics”2016-05-30 08:27:59
2016/04/20How Did Water Connect the World? An Interview with David Igler on Pacific and Environmental History2016-04-20 08:43:59
2016/03/07Global History as Past and Future: A Conversation with Sebastian Conrad on “What Is Global History?”2016-03-07 04:17:46
2016/02/01The Emancipators: A Conversation with Amalia Ribi Forclaz on The Politics of Anti-Slavery Movements and European International History2016-02-01 09:00:44
2016/01/22Putting the Margin in the Center: Discussing Transnational and Australian History with Professor Fiona Paisley2016-01-22 09:00:23
2015/10/07City of Light, City of Revolution:  Walking the Streets of Anti-Imperial Paris with Michael Goebel2015-10-07 05:13:39
2015/10/03Chinese, Christian, Global: Discussing Chinese Popular Histories with Dr. Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye2015-10-03 10:53:33
2015/09/01From Swadeshi to GDP: Discussing India’s Paths to Development With Corinna Unger2015-09-01 08:00:56
2015/08/10Guarding Empire, Mandating Statehood: A Conversation with Susan Pedersen on the League of Nations, Internationalism, and the End of Empire2015-08-10 06:51:53
2015/07/18A Global History Primer: Discussing “Thinking History Globally” with Diego Olstein2015-07-18 07:04:15
2015/07/05Monoglot Empire: Tracing the Journey from Scientific Babel to Global English with Michael Gordin2015-07-05 11:46:26
2015/05/17From the Banality of Evil to the Ambivalence of Good: Discussing the History of Human Rights in International Politics with Jan Eckel2015-05-17 13:46:35
2015/05/04Sandalwood Commonwealth? Traveling Across a Chinese-Australian Pacific with Sophie Loy-Wilson2015-05-04 05:02:37
2015/04/09Wartime Ghosts and Souls in Transit: Placing Soviet History in a Global Context with Franziska Exeler2015-04-09 05:24:19
2015/03/19Getting to (Global) Work with Andrea Komlosy: Discussing “Work: A Global History”2015-03-19 03:58:54
2015/02/23Thinking Big … and Small About U.S. History in a Global Context with Daniel Immerwahr2015-02-23 03:41:09
2015/02/12Down Under, Transnational, Global: Exploring Russian and Soviet History with Philippa Hetherington2015-02-12 05:07:14
2015/01/26Unweaving Sven Beckert’s “Empire of Cotton: A Global History”2015-01-26 10:14:57
2015/01/20Of Nation-States and the United States: An Interview with Ryan Irwin2015-01-20 05:15:19
2014/12/22Immigrants, Railroads, America, Germany: An Interview with Julío Robert Decker2014-12-22 12:45:54
2014/11/29Peace Without Victory: Adam Tooze on “The Deluge: The Great War, America, and the Remaking of the Global Order 1916-1931”2014-11-29 10:01:39
2014/11/17The Sino-Soviet Split and the Left as Global History: An Interview with Jeremy Friedman2014-11-17 15:03:54
2014/10/19Empire of the Air, Empire of the Earth: American History in a Global Context with Jenifer van Vleck2014-10-19 05:45:39
2014/10/12Globalizing Time, Globalizing Capital: A Conversation with Vanessa Ogle2014-10-12 13:21:09
2014/10/05Conquering Peace: Exploring European History with Stella Ghervas2014-10-05 06:54:33
2014/09/28Excavating “The Last Empire”: Discussing Soviet History and Global History with Serhii Plokhii2014-09-28 05:59:34
2014/09/16Global History Forum: Discussing “Starvation and the State: Famine, Slavery, and Power in Sudan, 1883-1956” with Steven Serels2014-09-16 08:08:19